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The Centers for Disease Control reports an ongoing outbreak of bacterial meningitis (infection around the spinal cord and brain) due to neisseria meningitidis.  This infection is caught through exposure to respiratory secretions and typically causes rapid onset, severe, and sometimes fatal infection.  Current vaccines for this bacteria effectively prevent infection and are routinely administered at eleven to twelve years of age with a "booster" dose at sixteen years of age.  Children eleven years of age, and some younger children with particular medical conditions, who have not been vaccinated should receive the vaccine without delay.  Please contact our office if your child is eleven years of age and has not been vaccinated.


Treat Your Child's Cold & Flu Video from

This recently released video is produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics and offers excellent guidance for treating your child's "cold" or "flu."

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New ADA and AAP Recommendations for Fluoridated Toothpaste

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The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommend use of fluoridated toothpaste for children as soon as the first tooth has erupted.  For children under the age of three, a small "smear" of toothpaste no larger than a grain of rice should be applied to the toothbrush.  For children three years and older, apply a pea-sized amount.  

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